Solon AG Berlin


ca. 23.000m²


Schulte-Frohlinde architects, Berlin

Finishing date:



SOLON AG for solar technology

Additional information:

Building cover:

- The wooden premounted elemtens in the facades are excetional for a building with 4 storeys, which causes a positive balance of the production energy. The glazing iscomplemented with modern vacuum panels, that ensure the thermal insulation with a minimum visible width of a few centimeters.

- An optimal sun protection reached by shading elements and sun protection glazing.


- Biomass cogeneration unit for the coverage of the basic heat and cold load. Supply of the produced electricity into the power supply. Power supply electricity for the mechanical cooling of the production. Heat recovery.

- The concrete ceilings of the offices are heated and cooled. Due to the renunciation of suspended ceilings the rooms are tempered efficient and a energy saving can be reached.

- Flexible building technologies with a control technology with an adaption to the requirements and the user. Conventional switches for light are used only rarely. The high efficient building technology is controlled by EDP. The user controls the technology with computer-aided softpanels.