LSV - social security Stuttgart


Revitalisation / Restoration of the climatic cover

- Thermal simulation, numerical calculation of the double facades to determine the ventilation cross sections at the secondary facade. Calculation of the heat transition (g-total including sun protection with different opening angles).

- Optimization of the wind loaded cover with wind tunnel tests including the determination of the pressure relations.

- Proofs of usability of the secondary facade, glass statics FEM

- Detail planning primary facades - wooden elements with perforated balustrade plates, secondary facade- steel- glass construction with accessible glass floor.


18.500m² / 6.500m²


Hermann-Bosch-Keck Stuttgart

Finishing date:



Agricultural social security BW

Owner contact person:

Mr. Schneck

Additional information:

Platinum resistor thermometers are mounted to collect the corridor temperatures at different points of the modules. Additional sensors for outside temperature, room temperature and for the temperatures of the glass plate surfaces and the blind surface are mounted.

Pyranometer for the collection of the global radiation and secondary for the collection of transmitted radiation into the room.

A transparent heat flow meter collects the heat flow into the office room in the rear.

Transparent glass floors in the corridor - printed with a anti-slip surface, smoke-proof sealed; outer glazing in TTSG monolithic;

Fall protection realized with a parallel running rope system.